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Boiled Blisters Instead of Blood

by Elroy Willis

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (EAP)-- A Filipino man found himself in a sticky situation yesterday after attaching himself to a cross with superglue instead of with the metal nails he normally uses each year.

It is well documented that dozens of men in the Philippines voluntarily get nailed to crosses each Easter, and some of their wives have apparently begun to speak out against the barbaric practice.

32-year-old Jose Franposas says that his wife had complained about having to pull out the nails and clean his bloody wounds each year, and told him that if he kept it up, she'd divorce him or leave him to die on the cross this year.

"My husband has big scars on his hands and feet from the last 12 years of getting nailed to the cross, and I told him that they look ugly to me and even make me sick, so this year he decided to try something different," said Mary Franposas, 27-year-old wife of Jose.

"I was trying to help out my wife and make a compromise so she wouldn't have to deal with so much blood. That's why I decided to use superglue. I thought it would be a lot safer and cleaner, and that the glue would dissolve with warm water once I was ready to be taken down from the cross," Jose said.

Things took a turn for the worse when Jose told his wife to boil some water on the stove and pour it over his hands and feet to dissolve the superglue. This lead to the flesh on Jose's hands and feet getting blisters from the scalding hot water.

"I'm still tending to the wounds on my husband's hands and feet, just like last year and the year before, only this year it's blisters instead of blood," she said.

"My left hand is free now, so at least I can scratch my nose," Jose said.

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