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Kentucky Ark Replica Infected With Termites

by Elroy Willis

WILLIAMSTOWN, KY (EAP) -- After having been open for less than a year, the $100 million dollar replica of Noah's Ark in Kentucky is being overrun with termites. Dozens of different locations inside the ark are being gobbled up and left crumbling according to two different pest control companies that have been called in to investigate.

"It's obvious that the builders didn't use pressure treated wood in some places, otherwise they wouldn't be having this problem so soon," said Tom Jenkins, head termite inspector for one of the companies on the scene. "We can use some insecticide now, but the best thing to do is to rip out all the untreated wood and replace it with termite resistant wood."

"Or better yet, replace it with Gopher wood like it says in the Bible. I heard it's naturally termite resistant."

In addition to the termite problem, there's also a wasp problem in some areas," Jenkins said. "But those are a lot easier to deal with than termites. At least there seems to be no problems with mice or rats for now, but we suspect it could become a problem if things aren't monitored periodically," he said.

Estimates for replacing the damaged wood are at least $3 million, and considering the low attendance over the past year, that money will be hard to come by.

Having already spent over $100 million on the project, Ken Ham says that he doesn't know what to do. "I'm praying and praying for a solution but God has been slow to answer," he said.

"Most of the damage is on the lowest levels and I think we can just close those parts off to the public while we repair the damage, but this isn't gonna look good to the public who believe God is protecting this place," Ham went on to say.

When a local reporter asked Mr. Ham how many termites he thought Noah had brought on board the original ark, Mr. Ham frowned, shook his head, and walked away without answering.

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